Cardiovascular Institute, University Hospital Dresden, Fetscherstrasse 76, D-01307 Dresden, Germany ↵* Corresponding author. Tel.: +49 351 4501790; fax: +49 351 4501512. ↵1 Presented at the World Congress on Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Paris, May 30-31, 1997. Abstract Objective: This is the initial experience with a new minimally invasive surgical technique for the treatment of mitral…


Abstract Background. In a prospective clinical trial, a group of patients receiving less invasive surgical procedure, including minithoracotomy in combination with cardiopulmonary bypass (group 1), was compared to a group of patients receiving conventional bypass surgery (group 2) for the treatment of coronary artery disease. Methods. Group 1 included 85 patients (71 men, 14 women,…


Βασίλης Γουλιέλμος1, Tugtekin SM, Kappert U, Cichon R, Matschke K, Karbalai P, Schueler S. Author information 1Cardiovascular Institute, University of Dresden, Germany. Vassilios.Gulielmos.hkz_dd@t-online.de Abstract INTRODUCTION: After the promising early results with Port-Access mitral valve (MV) surgery, the mid-term results were evaluated. METHODS: Among 31 patients receiving this surgery, there were two subgroups (A and B)….


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